Songwriting Basics to Live By

Songwriting Basics 

Song writing can be a terrible nightmare for most people. Not knowing the important songwriting basics, which would make songwriting easier, is the main reason for this. Instead of focusing on how the song will be structured they may turn their attention more on how they want the product to sound. They then give up and no longer write songs as a result. There are certain elements that are basic for songwriting that will be reviewed in this article.

Focusing on the initial verse or the beginning of the song is one of these songwriting basics. The listener’s attention must be drawn in at this point and it is the duty of the songwriter to ensure this.  For this to happen, it is important to engage the imagination of the listener by drawing pictures in their mind using the lyrics of the first verse. The verses of the song, from the first to the last one must flow in a conversational, natural and free manner. Although the words of the song should change from verse to verse, the melody of the said song should stay the same.

The chorus, which usually follows the first verse, must be written thereafter. The emotions of the listener can be engaged in this part of the song most strongly. As such, it is sung repeatedly following every verse to keep the emotions of the listener engaged throughout the song. The hook and most important lyrics of the song are contained in the chorus, as it is a summation of the whole song. It may be a great idea to begin by creating the chorus or hook and then revolve the verses of the song around it.

A refrain, which is another basic element of songwriting, can also be added to every verse in the song to sum up the theme of the said verses. This line is repeated in each verse and can be either the first or the last line. A bridge may also be included in the songwriting. The bridge breaks how the music was flowing as it provides contrast to the song and usually affects the listener emotionally. Plots and twists in the songs story are relayed in the bridge and secrets are revealed in this part of the song. For practice, one should listen to contemporary music and try to pick out these basic elements.

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