How to Get A Songwriting Copyright

Songwriting Copyright

There are more people interested in songwriting than ever before and really this comes as no surprise. People like to write songs for different reasons and purposes, some who started when they were very young and others who just got into it at an older age. For some it helps them to heal wounds and for others it is just a lot of fun. It can be a lot of fun and you can be quite successful at it.

Whether you are a songwriter as a hobby or professionally, be sure that you understand about the songwriting copyright and what this means. You certainly do not want to spend time writing a song only to have it claimed by someone else. It is a sneaky thing to do but some people will do that if it means they are going to get to take credit for something and use it to build their fame. At least with a songwriting copyright you know you can legally sue a person for taking credit for something that is yours.

Before you let anyone see your writing you should get a songwriting copyright. The process is quick and simple. Basic protection occurs the minute you actually write the song. For the copyright you need to go through the right organization.

In order to keep things simple and ensure no one can take credit for your song you want to get proof of ownership and copyright which you can do by registering the song. The U.S. Copyright Office is where you would head to if you wanted to get a copyright for a song. It can cost around $45 to copyright your song but if it is going to be a huge hit you could potentially make millions so it is certainly worth it to spend this money upfront to protect yourself and your song. It is pretty easy and well worth the time and money.

To get a copyright for a song it only takes a matter of minutes. It is then important afterwards to ensure there is a copyright symbol every the song is sent or published anywhere. You can never be too trusting when you are in the singing and songwriting field. Everyone wants to become rich and famous so protect your work and yourself.

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