How to Get A Songwriting Copyright

Songwriting Copyright There are more people interested in songwriting than ever before and really this comes as no surprise. People like to write songs for different reasons and purposes, some who started when they were very young and others who just got into it at an older age. For some it helps them to healContinue reading “How to Get A Songwriting Copyright”

How Songwriting Lessons Can Help Aspiring Singers

Songwriting Lessons Being a professional singer is the dream of many people all around the world, but if you want to have success you should really sign up for not only singing lessons but also songwriting lessons. Anyone feeling this way does need to realize that their voice is an instrument and just as withContinue reading “How Songwriting Lessons Can Help Aspiring Singers”

Songwriting Basics to Live By

Songwriting Basics  Song writing can be a terrible nightmare for most people. Not knowing the important songwriting basics, which would make songwriting easier, is the main reason for this. Instead of focusing on how the song will be structured they may turn their attention more on how they want the product to sound. They thenContinue reading “Songwriting Basics to Live By”

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